Tamiflu. Bienvenido a casa

Josemaría | 17 de abril de 2006 | 1 comentario

Hoy me ha llegado el primer correo de spam ofreciéndome Tamiflu.
Ya tardaban en aparecer…

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From: “Alphonse Beal”
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Subject: Tamiflu blocks & attacks the virus so that your body can fight it off
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“According to most experts, bird flu is coming. It’s not
a quastion of it, but when.” Doctor’s agree: Tamiflu is
the only proven way fight Bird Flu. Get Protected Today.
Tamiflu is being prescribed by doctors around the world
because it’s so effective in fighting bird flu. Antibiotics
will not work against bird flu. Safe & effective, Tamiflu
blocks & attacks the virus so that your body can fight
it off. Without Tamiflu, the virus spreads quickly and,
sadly, nearly always proves fatal.

But stocks are running out..
Order Your Tamiflu Online Today


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